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IT staffing

Akindra Talents is specialized in (freelance) IT talent: from juniors with minimal work experience to senior experts with highly specific IT expertise, within the following domains:

  • Development

  • Infrastructure

  • Architecture

  • Security

  • Project Management Office

  • SAP

  • Data

  • Testing

  • Procurement


This focus allows us to have in-depth-knowledge of the IT market and a wide network. We combine our technical know-how with strong soft skills and strongly focus on our 5 core values: Reliable, Ambitious, Flexible, Fast and Fun.

How we operate ?

Throughout the years the Akindra Talents management built long lasting relationships that make a difference. Akindra Talents thrives for the absolute match, technically and personally, for both parties.

Our database is growing daily to ensure the perfect match for both customer / project and consultant

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