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The world is changing .... So is the way of working.

Pandemic not only expedited the shift to hybrid working and work from home, it also changed the way of thinking on working from other locations and type of engagements (permanent / freelance).


While contracting or freelancing was already known in many countries, it became (and is still becoming) more popular.


Do you wanna be a freelancer in the Akindra Team?  We can help !

Are you already a freelancer ? We can connect you to one of the many opportunities we have in our global network.

Do you want te become a freelancer ? We can not only guide you in the process of getting started, but also during your further growth. Our experienced network can help you with questions on legal, accountancy, rate settings, way of working etc...

Last but not least : engage and get to know fellow freelancers from our global network

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